Why Remote Managed Services Are Best for SMB’s

Posted on September 7, 2017
By: Dan Miller
Managed IT Services Dallas

A reputable MSP (Managed Service Provider) today has the ability to remotely maintain and effectively support a SMB’s (Small to Medium size Business) technologies with automated and manual tool sets. They can do this 24x7x365 almost seamlessly to the customer. Why remote managed services are best for businesses, is because managed service providers are able to automate the daily IT tasks that normally consume admin staff. The real objective is to move away from the traditional on site break-fix support method and implement aggressive pro-active support disciplines.

The most common tasks that are automated and monitored with managed services:

Alert and Monitor

System availability and statuses such as CPU usage, memory usage, application and connectivity statuses, threat and security states, software changes and more. All of these examples can be proactively and automatically updated to address potential issues and prevent system downtime. With the ability to immediately react and give attention where it is needed, the business owner can rest assured that critical systems and infrastructure at the top of performance capabilities

Automated IT Operations Push Reporting.

Report on problem devices and session data on all of your systems and internet-connected technologies.

Asset Management

Software and License audit
System configurations

Automated Real time Anti Virus and Malware Resolutions

Back up and Disaster Recovery

Fully-automated real-time backup
Fully-automated off-site replication
Fast and easy recoveries
Online Backup

Software and its License Deployment

Best practices for software license management

Automated Patch Deployment

Patch Management Best Practices

Remote Support and Assistance

Employing a solid MSP solution will be cost effective. You are able to outsource your IT department, reduce workforce and save on maintenance costs by being proactive. Your systems need to be monitored 24/7 and have scheduled tasks performed seamlessly.

15 Free ROI Calculators

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