What are the Benefits of Hiring IT Consultants?

Posted on March 15, 2019
By: Dan Miller
Dallas IT Support

What does your business need to grow? How powerful, efficient, or helpful is your technology?

Many people spend countless hours searching through electronics stores, computer shops, big box stores, and online retailers of all sizes to find the right tools they need. How much of that time could be better spent somewhere else in your business?

Consider a few of these IT consulting benefits that can boost your company’s productivity.

Picking The Right Systems

Do you know which types of computers your business needs? There’s a right and wrong way to purchase workstations and multiple mindsets that drive business leaders to the wrong system. Many people believe that you get what you pay for. While true in many situations, it’s a very vague and dangerous way to approach technology.

This is largely because many big box computer stores oversell basic products. There’s no shortage of scams involving sleek-looking systems that have the same specifications as another brand with no real, observable difference in performance.

There are also times where an obsolete computer can be cleaned up and sold to anyone who doesn’t know how to read the specifications. It can also be difficult to price check a custom system that doesn’t have a lot of purchases listed on the internet.

For people who want to save money, the major danger is not getting enough power or buying a broken system. While this gives a bit of support for the “you get what you pay for” mindset, it’s less about the amount you invest and more about knowing exactly what you purchased.

Finally, technology fears can cause people to overspend. People who have important business files that must be protected may spend thousands on a computer in an attempt to keep their files safe.

Unfortunately, a faster processor or an overpowered video card–two expensive components–won’t make business files any safer than a $500 business workstation. Investing money into better components and features are important, but only if the money is actually going toward improvements.

Figuring out which component is important for your business isn’t always easy. If you’re always running out of space and don’t want an external drive, find a computer with a bigger drive.

Do you need to use Photoshop or streaming games? Specific graphics cards are helpful for specific purposes, and some are more efficient than others for your investment. IT business consultants can help you pick the right part.

If you buy a machine or parts that are too powerful–that is, if you’re not using its full power on a regular basis–you’re not necessarily prepared for the future. Wear and tear can make your computer useless by the time new programs and tasks can take advantage of your computer, and more affordable computers will become available with newer features.

Setting Up Security The Right Way

Are you concerned about hacking? Do you want to protect your business?

You’ll need more than an anti-virus.

Many technology security issues can be handled with anti-virus protection. Accidentally getting a virus is a big issue, but it isn’t the only issue.

Do you know how to stop a hacker who specifically knows your business IP address? Do you know how to make it harder for spies, rogue employees, or other bad actors inside your business to steal or do harm?

There are many technology best practices that are not common sense. Many techniques require specific configuration that automated or default settings on computers and network devices can’t cover. In fact, seeing those default protections could tell hackers exactly what to try next.

Get an IT consultant to handle your security needs. IT consultants can cover multiple parts of you technology needs, and you can choose between specialists or multi-talented experts who can bring everything together.

With a dedicated security professional, greater focus on both common and cutting edge security risks can keep your business safer. IT security is a specific set of skills based on secure networking, computer log auditing, understanding virus designs, and knowing how to physically protect your systems.

A good IT security professional needs to go beyond business technology consulting. If you need to control access to your technology assets, they may suggest a specific identification (IT) system or limiting technology access to specific people.

IT professionals aren’t just looking at the computers and network devices. They’re looking at window positions that could allow spying, cluttered areas that could house listening devices, and barriers that could slow down an invading or escaping thief.

There are many times when IT consultants much reach into other industries to bring in unique skills and techniques. Your business can be enhanced not only by new computers and security, but innovative ways to create your products and services.

Contact Simplistic IT Solutions, an IT consulting firm in Dallas. We’ll be happy to discuss your business technology needs.

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