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Posted on August 6, 2014
By: admin

Tired of spam email? Simplistic IT Solutions can stop it immediately! This spring it was discovered that an ongoing computer hacking operation as been in full force for approximately three years. Anti-spam measures have had a difficult time keeping up with this particular attack, commonly referred to as the Windigo virus.

SPAM – Business Productivity Impact

To date, it is believed that upwards of 10,000 Linux servers have been comprised due to this destructive virus which not only attacks the server, but then uses the compromised system to inadvertently generate and out some 35 million spam message via 25,000 servers and battling vicious malware attacks routinely. Anti-spam efforts are on-going from multiple directions, but all system users must be ever vigilant.

While the number of servers impacted sounds minor in the grand scheme of things, keep in mind that a few thousand negatively impacted servers is dramatically more devastating than the same number of infected desktop computers, as each server provides services to multiple users tied to the same networks. System disruption impacts things such as computation power, bandwidth, and storage capacity across the board in broad fashion.

Network disruption via impacted servers can shut down a business for a matter of hours, if not days, and time is money in today’s world. Therefore, it is so important that your business avoid unnecessary risks, limit employee access to internet risks, and educate them on the proper identification of likely spam email and other possible avenues of infection.

Protect Your Revenues and Information

The best course of action for appropriate anti-spam measures involves hiring a reputable and experienced third party vendor whose main business priority is to stay on top of current and trending virus issues and anti-spam monitoring activities. A simple routine system check can help to minimize any potential damages you and your company might face due to spam threats.

Give Simplistic IT Solutions a call for a proper evaluation of your current system security risks. We are here for your day to day system needs.

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