Ransomware is a Global Epidemic

Posted on October 5, 2017
By: Timothy Mally

Cybercrime is an immensely scary concept. The idea that someone else halfway around the world can virtually break into your most personal profiles and accounts right from the comfort of their own secluded location is sickening. This global epidemic has already seen Ransomware attacks on numerous major organizations including the National Health Service of Britain, a telecommunication company called Telefonica, and even FedEx. Stopping these terrible crimes can be a complicated process that often leads nowhere for already overworked officials, because more than 75% of all ransomware attacks are never even reported to proper authorities, which does nothing to help those who have already suffered. The only surefire way to effectively protect yourself and your company from these vicious attacks is to actively prevent them from happening in the first place through the use of the most comprehensive IT management services you can find. Simplistic IT Solutions has everything you need to actively protect yourself and your most sensitive information.

Lost data and information from a cyber or ransomware attack can spell out disaster

Lost data and information from a cyber or ransomware attack can spell out disaster in many ways for any organization, including setting you back a minimum of two whole days. Compliance suddenly becomes an issue, and before you know it you’re buried in fees and costs without the ability keep your productivity up enough to compensate your losses. As technology, and its availability, continues to increase each day the threats and risks increase along with it. Healthcare facilities, financial institutions, and other professional establishments are at risk now more than ever before. The time to act is now. Our esteemed engineering professionals at Simplistic IT Solutions can help walk you through the process of how to best protect your business today.

Ransomware infected email production has increased a whopping 6,000% in just two short years

In 2015, there were roughly 23K-35K ransomware attacks per month on various institutions, with that number increasing to an astounding 56K in 2016, and projections expecting to double throughout this year, it’s frightening to consider the future. With an unsettling 59% of all ransomware infections stemming from opened emails, and the fact that ransomware infected email production has increased a whopping 6,000% in just two short years, it’s vital to your future and success to get protected by an exceptionally well-trained IT managed service provider today. We understand that it can be a humiliating process to endure, but that is why preventing it is your only course of action. Do not allow your company to become another unfortunate statistic, do not allow yourself to be cyber bullied, do not wait until your options dwindle into nothing except paying ridiculous ransoms, do not wait any longer. Call Simplistic IT Solutions today.

Discover how outsourcing all your critical information technology needs to Simplistic IT Solutions can help your business protect you from malicious malware and ransomware attacks, cut costs, and more. Call Simplistic IT Solutions to learn more about our Managed Services Provider (MSP’s) and Cloud services.

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