Choosing Your IT Services Provider

Posted on September 4, 2014
By: admin

Your IT Services Provider is a business partnership and relationship. They are the epicenter of keeping your business in business. Do you have the right one?

Businesses around the globe are growing at a rapid pace. IT Services providers are a dime a dozen these days. Choosing the right one for your business should be top priority in your business goals. Attaining this goal however, is not an easy task since so many different risks are prevalent if the wrong service provider is chosen. As critical as IT Services are in business, companies should enthusiastically put their effort and time into enlisting competent computer or IT support. Many companies have failed or experienced business disruptions, data loss, etc. due to poor support services. The following is an overview of what to look for when choosing the right IT Support Services provider and the composition of these services.

Key Areas of Support Services

Help Desk Support:
Help desk support capability is both remote and if necessary, onsite assistance to users within your business. Issues are resolved remotely by the IT service provider if possible. If unable, your service provider should immediately dispatch a technician on site. While most IT Service Providers have remote support capabilities, be sure you enlist a provider that can also support you on site if need be. Simplistic IT Solutions is such a provider.

Onsite Consultation and Support:
Typically, businesses have needs beyond just user supportability. Your organization may have servers, routers, network copiers, etc. Other issues such as network or internal hardware failure will require onsite support capability. Many IT Service Providers guarantee to resolve such issues in minimum time frames during which they personally arrive at the workplace and resolve the problems accordingly. Simplistic IT Solutions is one such provider.

Server Support:
Most businesses of today essentially need a server or multiple servers that are installed at the workplace. The requests of client computers are processed by these servers, which may include distributing email, scheduling systems, accounting systems, or the retrieval of a files from the corporate network. Servers connect your business to the outside world, and are the central point of information in a business. Your servers are the most critical systems in your network and should only be trusted to experienced and formally trained service providers such as Simplistic IT Solutions.

Business Continuity “CRITICAL” Support Services

Backups, Security and Monitoring Reporting
Data damage and loss is one of the most severe issues that many companies face. Many companies have a considerable amount of data such as email, financial, marketing, sales and so on. Imagine losing some, most, or worse, all of it. Competent IT Service Providers are acutely aware of data protection requirements and can offer your business a number of disaster prevention and recovery options as well as a Web Portal available for you to monitor all aspects your operations. A business without it’s data is simply not in business. Simplistic IT Solutions can ensure yours is never lost.

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