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The Right IT Solutions Dallas, TX

IT is one of those departments that everybody needs, but is hard to fill. Even with a fully-staffed IT department, things always seem to slip through the cracks. Network downtime, router troubles, you name it! But rather than tearing your hair out, or sending an angry email to your IT director, consider the third choice: Simplifying your IT support pipeline with Dallas' Number One IT support agency!

What IT Support Gets You

From first time firewall setup to problem diagnostics, IT support requires care and expertise. But even an overworked IT expert can make mistakes, and there's never enough time in the day to do everything that needs doing. Our expert IT support technicians, account managers and agents understand this. We're dedicated to relieving the burden of IT overflow and can address any number of problems, including:

  • Wired/ethernet setup

  • WiFi network setup

  • Cloud computing setup/maintenance

  • Legacy hardware upgrades

  • Data backup

  • Helpdesk support

  • Router/modem diagnostics

  • Network security setup

Preventing Problems

The best solution to an IT problem is to prevent one in the first place. Our experienced technicians understand the value of a delicate touch and take care to provide the best service possible for new office installs or office moves for our clients. After all - you won't need to bring in a technician if you don't have an issue in the first place!

Overcoming Roadblocks

IT headaches can quickly get out of hand. The solution is to resolve these problems quickly and decisively. Our IT Support experts understand the needs of small business IT departments and can identify problems in your organization's process. We address your problems before they arise so you don't have to stress about network outages, lost productivity, or worse. 

And say goodbye to the long hours waiting for a cable company repairman to find their way to your office! Choosing Simplistic IT Solutions for your IT support in Dallas means easy access to our team to fix those issues that require an in-person touch.  

Priced For Your Needs

Every business has different needs. From first-time office setup to legacy hardware upgrades, your own needs will differ from those of your neighbors. We understand this and work to find the pricing plan right for your needs, based on the solutions you choose and the services you require. Contact us today to find out more!

Simply Simplistic IT

Hardware and software setup, maintenance, and issue resolution are nightmares to business owners. But it doesn't have to be, especially not if you choose to 'simplify' your IT with Simplistic IT Solutions! The best part of all is that you can get back to doing business without the hassle of worrying about your IT! We promise our clients 100% satisfaction and attention when they need support. 

Security Solutions

Robust firewalls and endpoint protection that keep your network and mobile devices safe and secure

Business Continuity

Step-by-step guidelines that help your business get back on track after any disaster


Reduce office clutter and IT expenses by moving resources to a virtual server

Value Added Reseller

Robust firewalls and endpoint protection that keep your network and mobile devices safe and secure

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