Today's business is complex. We make it's technology simple.

From small to large networks, Simplistic IT Solutions can handle any and all of your IT services and support needs. Simplistic IT Solutions specializes in the Microsoft family of software and operating systems as well as many popular third party applications..


It’s not a matter of if, but when. Sooner or later disaster will strike. Why take the chance of losing your critical data? Get peace of mind and let us cover this with our affordable, reliable backup and disaster recover solutions. Restore lost data, even entire servers in minutes vs. days..


In addition to our standard IT Services, Our cloud solutions include Hosted Exchange Email, Spam & Virus protection, Microsoft Office 365, Web Activity Protection, and more! Business professionals are mobile. Have all your data and security on the go when you need it..


Company assets include everything from equipment, data, even employees. All are essential for day to day operations and your bottom line. Monitor and track how they are working for your business. Remotely recover and secure lost or stolen data and equipment..




Simplistic has been our IT provider for years. I would recommend them highly. When there is a problem always take care of it ASAP.


Simplistic IT Solutions | Dallas IT Services

For all of your  IT service needs in Dallas, Simplistic IT Solutions is here to help! We’ve been around since 2000, and we make things simple for our clients, offering premium services to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

We cover all parts of the IT needs of your business, whether it’s in preventing things from happening, storing your data, or recovering after something unexpected does happen. We provide you with systems support 24-7, specializing in Microsoft software as well as many other third-party applications. We’ll always be around to help you support your systems to keep business running.

No matter how good your security, disasters have a tendency of happening, but we also offer services in data backups and disaster recovery. We offer on-site as well as cloud data backup services that help make sure you keep all of your important data no matter what happens. We have image based and virtualization technologies that get you back online almost instantly even when critical systems fail, restoring your files, folders, and databases in short order.

As businesses get more and more mobile, you’ll be ready with our cloud solutions that help you host exchange email, virus protection, Microsoft Office 365, as well as Web Activity Protection. You don’t want to risk your company’s data integrity just by having the ability to work remotely, and we can prevent that from happening.

We also offer services in Business Asset Monitoring, helping to track how all of your assets are helping your business grow. This helps track employees and how much time they spend working compared to non-work related activities, helping make sure that company time and assets are being used the way you want them to be used.

At Simplistic IT Solutions, we have professionally-trained, industry experienced and certified engineers available to help you protect and grow your business. We offer services and products that are both easy to use and affordable. If you are interested, we’ll come meet you at your location at no cost to you for an initial visit and consultation. Give us a call today at 972-416-1415 to find out how we can help you!

Based in Dallas, TX. Simplistic IT Solutions specializes in the Microsoft family of software & operating systems as well as many popular 3rd party applications.

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